7 Easy Face Painting Ideas

Makeup is important for children; it complements a disguise or simply allows the child to enter the skin of an imaginary character. Planning a make-up time in children’s parties often allows for a break and calming children.

Here are some easy ideas for kids’ face painting, and the practical steps
and tips of the pros:

Advice and recommendations:

  • For children, use water-washable paints. These make-up kits are sold in gaming stores, creative hobbies, festive accessories or fancy dresses.
  • Make sure the makeup products are “dermatologically tested”.
  • Before using paint on the face, do a test on the skin of the hand to eliminate any risk of allergic reaction.
  • Apply a moisturizer before making make-up. It will protect the skin and reinforce the colors.t

Elements needed:

  • A make-up sponge
  • Make-up of white background
  • Free powder
  • Colorful make-up in the form of cream
  • A powder puff
  • A brush
  • Cotton swabs



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