9 Things You Should Never Prevent Your Kids From Experiencing


Who has the hardest job on earth? Certainly parents. Raising children is not easy, and parents know this more than people who write about positive parenting skills theories.

As a parent, you want to enjoy a peaceful parenting, playful parenting, and to apply what you learned in parenting books; and we understand that it is not an easy job sometimes.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the tips about the things that you should never forbid your kids from experiencing. Keep in mind that what we are mentioning here along with what you read in positive parenting books and parents magazines are not an exact science or exact math equations.

Therefore, you may want to do some modifications based on how much you know your kids. But they are still useful tips that will help you establish a good as well as a trustful relationship with them.

#1 – To Ask Questions

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One of the most important learning skills for toddlers is to be able to ask questions and find answers.

Child development includes growing up and being able to learn more about his or her surrounding and about the world.

It may be hard for you as a parent to answer all the questions that your kid asks, otherwise, you could’ve been the winner of Who Want to Be a Millionaire, but you have this magical device called smartphone that you can use to learn facts and answer questions.

So next time your kid asks how a cell phone works, for instance, a smart parent would say: I don’t know but let’s learn together.

#2 – Crying

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In order for developmental skills for toddlers to take their right path, your kid should be more aware of his or her emotions. What you need to be aware of is that children can feel events and situations far more vividly than people of an older age do.

That’s why you should never forbid them from crying and showing their emotions. Also, positive parenting skills require that you help your kids understand why they are shedding tears so that you can find a solution together.

Moreover, if you forbid them from crying, it would be as if you are saying that showing emotions is wrong and shameful.

#3 – Being Greedy

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It is one of your responsibilities to show your kid how to develop skills to deal with his or her peers. For a start, don’t convey to him or her the idea that he or she should share everything with people, this would be as if you are telling him or her that nothing is truly theirs.

So, show your kid that he or she has the right to keep stuff of their own. On the other hand, when parenting preschoolers, try to introduce them to this concept of sharing without being exploited.

For instance, instead of forcing your child to give his or her toy to another kid, suggest that they swap toys. Most importantly, show your kid how much it is important to donate some of his or her stuff to children’s charities and kids’ organizations.

#4 – Saying No

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Independence and autonomy are crucial life skills for kids that should be introduced gradually depending on the stages of development of your kid.

Many parents think that good parenting is keeping an eye on every single mistake they do, whereas good parenting is about realizing that your children are family members that you shouldn’t violate their borders sometimes.

Of course, they are still young and have a lot to learn, but sometimes, they need to learn stuff on their own. That’s why you shouldn’t forbid the word ‘no’ totally, instead explain to your kid that sometimes everyone has to do something he or she doesn’t like to do.

#5 – Being Noisy

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It is of great significance for your toddler development to be able to play, that’s what childhood is all about. I guess it’s obvious what kind of problems that adults, who didn’t play when they were young, encounter .

We understand that parenting toddlers can become difficult sometimes that you just want to lie on the bed and close your eyes. But what you need to know is that this is their only chance to sing songs, play, and make noises, so do not forbid your kids from that.

Also, it is better to see your kids playing and running than to see them on the couch with the mobile phone.

#6 – Being Afraid

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Parenting with love and logic is the principle that many parents are trying to follow. And many new parents make mistakes when trying to raise their children and prepare them to face the modern world.

Therefore, they try to teach them not to be afraid of anything and not to feel vulnerable. That is a big mistake, fear is one of the most basic feelings of human psychology, and when you forbid your kids from having it, you could be ruining their psychological balance.

Also, know that it is normal for kids to be afraid of ghosts, needles, a family member, or even a character on TV.

#7 – Having Secrets

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Depending on your situation, parenting teens could be more or less difficult when compared to parenting boys and girls of a younger age. However, what they both have in common is that both of them like to keep secrets; of course, with teens calling for more privacy.

Many parents like to say this all the time: we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other, but this is totally wrong. Certainly, you need to know about the major things that are happening in your kids’ life; however, give them space to keep secrets and don’t trespass. You may be sacrificing knowing more about your child but you’ll win his or her trust.

#8 – Feeling Jealous Or Angry

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As we mentioned before, it is really important for your children to get access to all kinds of feelings. That’s why you shouldn’t forbid them from expressing themselves even if they are perceived by you as bad ones.

Then, when your kid expresses his or her anger, you can apply what you learned in the good parenting books that you read to help them learn how to manage their anger.

Also, if your kid is feeling jealous of another kid, you can teach him or her that each one of us has something special and point out his or her strengths while mentioning the positive behavior that he or she has.

#9 – Making Mistakes

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This is what it is all about. If you read the best parenting books and joined courses with specialists of teaching parenting skills, there is a chance that you will still make mistakes in your parenting.

So how about that little fellow who is still learning everything about life? We wouldn’t be the kind of people we are right now if we haven’t made the kind of mistakes that we made and still making.

That’s why you need to give your kids a chance to do their own mistakes and be able to learn life lessons from them. If you keep on scolding them for every mistake they make, they will end up not willing to do anything at all.



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