How to Deal With Teenage Behavior?

#1 – Maintain Your Parental Status:

Maintain Your Parental Status
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“Parents shouldn’t seek a symmetrical relationship with their children. They must take a step back, listen to the underlying messages of their teens and accept their contradiction which is “Give me more space but above all don’t let me down,” says Caroline Thompson.

“Don’t be resentful if your children reject you or hurt you. It’s completely normal that they perceive you as the hindrance. Let your child come to you. This position of waiting is, admittedly, unpleasant but it’s part of the role of parents in adolescence “.

“Stay on course even if you are emotionally disconcerted by this adolescent crisis. Your children see you as their home base, so it’s important that you be solid, consistent and fair in your decisions. Don’t worry, adolescence always passes, “concludes psychologist Caroline Thompson, family therapist.



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