How To Discover Your Kid Is Gifted & Genius


Many parents wish to have brilliant and genius kids to be proud of one day, as they walk into the most prestigious schools and universities and occupy the most unimaginable positions. This would probably remind you of the great film known as The Beautiful Mind about a genius young man whose intelligence was beyond craziness.

Of course, you don’t want your child to be paranoid for being too smart, which is what happened to John Nash, but you definitely want to raise someone who would change the world. This is a bit wild, is not it? However, many parents are not really capable of spotting the signs of genius in toddlers. So how can you tell if your child is genius and gifted?

In the course of raising children, some parents gloss over some of the simplest yet important behaviors of their kids. But if they abide by the rules of good parents by paying attention to their children, they would notice for sure something quite special in their kids. Well, here we arrive at the point of providing you with hints on the signs of an intelligent child.

#1 – Your child does his or her best to level up to any challenge

Are you wondering about how to spot a gifted child? Well, here is leading key; gifted kids are most of the time poised to achieve whatever goal you set for them. Throughout the stage of child development, gifted children would conclude all challenges they are given successfully. Even more, such blessed kids are ready and hungry for more tests and challenges. You don’t have to make your kid undergo some gifted children test; all you have to do is challenge him or her through a language skills’ test. Kids who are special would definitely pass the tests and show great developed linguistic skills which don’t match their age.

#2 – Your child loves to read books

How often do you find yourself staring at your kid with one big question, lingering in your mind which is ‘is my child gifted?’? Well, most caring and conscious parents do think a lot about this question.

Often, the signs of a gifted toddler are too clear to ignore like a child of 5 or 6 reading a book. Do you spot your kid, sneaking into the garden with his or her favorite book in hand to read in silence and peace?

You would be delighted to know that a child who likes and can read at an early stage is a real prodigy. The purposes of having books read by genius kids at an early stage could be just like those of adults; kids could be seeking meaning as well as pleasure.

So while some parents are stuck with how to teach kids to read, you are lucky, for your kid can.

#3 – Your child is pretty curious

Before looking for any answers to a question like ‘how to raise genius and gifted child?’, you need to learn how to spot such a prodigy. Throughout the first stages of development, genius and gifted kids are more curious about the tiniest details about the world.

They would ask questions you can only hear when watching a purely scientific documentary on National Geographic about the meticulous mechanisms of life on earth.

This is possibly something you have been already told or read in parenting books. Kids who are driven by an unbelievable sense of curiosity about everything in the world are truly miraculous creatures.

#4 – Pattern recognition at an early stage

We do know that teaching life skills for kids and developmental skills for toddlers is a huge challenge and a big step as far as child skill development is concerned.

But being good and attentive parents together with having a pretty smart child can certainly make rockets fly. Kids who are gifted are usually capable of recognizing patterns at a very early stage.

You would think that they just get lucky, but they are indeed prodigies. A genius kid is able to spot patterns in games, activities, actions, and behaviors. Is not that interesting?

Raising kids with such enthralling faculties is not easy yet possible. Things which might escape the notice of adults are spotted by genius toddlers.

#5 – Your kid accumulates meticulous knowledge

Does your kid come to you and share with you some unbelievable pieces of information about very specialized knowledge matters, and you go like: ‘OMG !! Who..How do you know this?’?

Well, there you go; if you do, your child must be one of the most brilliant kids ever. Kids who are genius identify a field of interest that inspires them. They dig to the deepest points of knowledge.

If your kid is by any chance fond of the history of the US, s/he would learn the names of every president plus the dates of their presidential terms. Sadly, some parents are too abusive to listen to their genius kids; this would probably be reminiscent of the story of Matilda Wormwood in Matilda (1996).

#6 – Your child is focused and determined

As a parent, you can raise your children in the way you see to be appropriate. You are the adult who knows the best interest of your kids, but this does not mean that you are going to use your authoritative parenting powers all the time to oppress your kid.

Stick to positive parenting skills and pay attention to how your kids behave. Gifted children are remarkably determined and focused on every task they are given or assigned to.

They would put their hearts and minds into any task until they master it. They would fall and fail in the process, but giving up is not a word in their dictionaries.

When they are determined and focused, they would not let anything hinder the progress of their achievement.

#7 – Your child exhibits some great leadership skills

If you want to teach your children anything, you have to do patiently and properly. In fact, teaching with love and logic is the key to effective parenting; yelling and using any sorts of violence will not do any good for both parties.

But this is for things that kids need their parents’ help in. There are cases where some children are born with skills that would qualify them to be responsible people in the future.

This is the case of gifted kids who exhibit great leadership skills. Such children are naturally equipped with organizational and mental abilities. They seem more mature than what their ages indicate. They can be in charge even if they are too young, and they are ready to start a leading initiative on their own.

#8 – Your kid is so original and creative

In life, there are plenty of good lessons to teach kids like social values, but some things cannot be simply taught. Such things are, in fact, gifts that some children are born with, and that is what makes them special and gifted.

Genius and gifted kids are exceptionally original. They don’t just copy and paste from the outside world; they rather contribute with their own insightful ideas, creative thoughts, and original suggestions.

You cannot teach such things, can you? Gifted kids are always on the lookout for brand new solutions to get around problems.

#9 – Your child is still not perfect

Mistakenly, parents who are raising healthy children qualified as genius and gifted think their kids are perfect. This is not true at all! Brilliance, intelligence, and giftedness do not mean perfection.

Gifted children are not supernatural creatures who live in a place like Mrs. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. They are still humans; they can be and do wrong from time to time. Gifted kids could be good at one thing and fail in another.This is not something to be fully accepted by parents who think their kids are gifted and should be, therefore, flawless.

Read more about this in some good raising children books.

#10 – Your child can pass tests successfully

Before dwelling any further on this point, there is something to clarify first; excellence at school does not qualify the smartness or giftedness of a kid.

Your kid could be gifted and a genius, but s/he does not invest his or her giftedness in developing excellent cognitive competencies. However, sometimes, doing good at school and passing all tests successfully is considered as a marker of giftedness.

If your kid is brilliant in any or all school subjects from language and math to all other subjects, s/he could be qualified as a genius. It is noteworthy, for the second time, that having undeniably good cognitive abilities or none is not a measurement to use to spot kids who are gifted or ungifted.

On the whole, be proud of your child the way s/he is. All kids are special, but the only difference is in the respects of giftedness. Listen, talk, guide, and support your child to be successful.



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