Limit Processed Foods, your Children Will Thank you Later


In supermarket shelves, processed or ultra-processed foods flourish. Yet, when they become the basis of our diet, they are detrimental to our health and are the cause of many chronic diseases. How to detect them and especially how to avoid them, for our good and that of our children?

The impact of food processing on our health has long been neglected, including by nutritionists. The concept of ultra-processed food was only introduced in the public debate in 2014, but this concept has been in place for many years.

The principle to remember is simple: the more a food is processed, the more likely it is to be harmful to our health. A healthy diet, therefore, passes through the use of raw products, little transformed, local and why not bios but of good quality.

An example to keep in mind: an apple consumed whole, compote
or juice will not have the same impact on our health.



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