The 7 Most Dangerous Toys of The History

#1 – Atomic Energy Lab: Nuclear at home:

atomic Energy Lab
Image Source: today
The question is simple: would you let your child play with uranium? If you are a responsible parent the answer will probably be no. But there was a time when we had a more banal view of this destructive energy. Moreover, some hippies went so far as to bathe in some source of high radioactivity because this energy was “natural”. Despite the fact that nowadays nobody wants to be a friend of nuclear energy, nothing will be able to extinguish the little child in our heart that one day dream of becoming the king of Fallout.

The U-328 Atomic Energy Lab was created in 1951 by Albert Gilbert (inventor of the Erector Set) and REALLY included radioactive material (three different types of uranium here). This game was very educational and even included a manual, dubbed the “Gilbert Atomic Energy Manual”, to assist the little Machiavellian scientist in his efforts to dominate the planet. As you can imagine, this aberrant kit was removed after only one year of existence and it was not for safety reasons but rather due to the low sales of the product.

The designers justified the commercial failure of the game to the fact that it was too expensive to be popular ($ 50 at the time / which is equivalent to $ 457 these days). For my part, I believe that the parents were not very comfortable that their child is trying to reproduce an H-bomb in the comfort of their living room.



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