10 Clear Signs You Are Not Ready To Be A Parent!

Millennials have to deal with too much stress while trying to build a career and have a family as well as maintaining a balance between the two. Clearly, society has changed and a whole new mentality is emerging.

While couples in the past could get married, settle down, and have kids, just as easy as it seems, it’s no longer the case with a higher cost of living, decreased job stability, and the immense economic and industrial changes.

Now, more young women would rather chase their dreams and couples are taking longer to know each other as well as their own selves before saying I do. What’s more, it’s getting more and more confusing to decide the right time to start a family.

Sometimes, the idea of having a baby is just adding more stress to the whole situation, as if millennials don’t have enough stress in their lives already.
To find some peace and get a definitive answer, we’d like to help out with these 10 signs that you’re not ready to be a parent.




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