Why Should you Let your Children Take Risks?


It is a strange phenomenon that is spreading in some squares. The benches, originally planned for the parents to discuss back, are emptied. Adults stay glued to the slide or to the rope ladder. “You want me to hold you?” ” Be careful!” There is no question of risking a fall, despite the padding of the floors.

At dusk, the square closes, and the children who are still playing alone in the streets are not “autonomous” but “left to their own devices”, implying half abandoned. In many cities, if you cross a child by bike, rest assured that the parents pedal right next door. The young man who buys a baguette of bread at the bakery is almost a picture-postcard image. It has nothing to do with how their parents grew up. Lenore Skenazy knows it.

She became known eight years ago in the United States, after having published an article in which she said she had let her 9-years-old son take the subway alone. Cameras went to wait for the kid at school to ask him how he had done. More recently, she proposed to the New Yorkers to pay her $ 250 an hour for her children not to be supervised (“I’ll take them to the square and go to Starbucks for coffee”).

All this earned her the nickname “America’s Vaguely Unpleasant Mom”, “America’s Worst Mother”. A title that allowed her to host a reality show for a year – “I had to convince parents to let their 10-year-old child ride on a bike. ”



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