8 Unbelievable Things Babies Do In Your Womb


The one fact we know for sure is that pregnancy is amazing! It is definitely not easy and not every day is a miracle (for some women, it is!) because you will have to struggle with leg cramps, nausea, laziness, and many more.

As your body is going through major transformations to create another human being, you often forget to pay attention to the wonders that are happening inside you.

The baby inside your tummy doesn’t stay still or grow peacefully, it actually does many things that we could never imagine, and they are just majestically unbelievable!

All expecting mothers have a curiosity to know how their babies are growing inside their bodies and believe me when I say, the horrible and annoying symptoms you experience will feel so much better when you know what your little boy/girl is doing inside your body. To help make you smile, we have collected all the majestic things happening within your body…

#1 – Tasting your dinner

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After having a nice meal, all of its flavors will be detected through the amniotic fluid, especially ginger, garlic, anise and the majority of sweet flavors. According to researchers, this is nature’s way to prepare this new human being for the food flavors that they are likely going to eat once they begin their life journey.

It is possible for your baby to start picking his or her favorite sweet flavors in its 15th week by swallowing more amniotic fluid. When it is better, he or she will completely avoid it… isn’t it interesting?

#2 – Opening eyes

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By week 28, your baby will start opening her eyes even though there isn’t much to see while still inside your body, so obviously, she will not be seeing much.

However, during the 2nd trimester, your baby will start reacting to light. Researchers have been observing babies and they noticed how they would move away from bright light. Perhaps it is strong enough to filter through the mother’s abdomen and the baby sees it.

There is nothing to worry about because the light will not cause any harm to your baby, she will only try to turn away!

#3 – Having a Wee!

© 30 weeks pregnant: fetal development – BabyCentre UK

This may not sound like something magical, but when you reach your 30th week, you will start visiting the bathroom more often. But you are not the only one because your baby is doing the same inside your body, kind of practicing how he will be doing it once he is out in the real world – Expect a lot of Wees in your sofa, clothes, and face too… Yes, it is going to be gross, but very hilarious!

By the end of the 1st trimester, your baby will start producing urine due to the swallowing of amniotic fluid that gets digested and filtered by the kidneys, therefore, urinating into the uterus, etc.

#4 – Breathing

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Basically, the umbilical cord would provide your baby with all the oxygen she needs, but because your baby is a hero, she will start practicing breathing inside your womb.

9 weeks through the pregnancy, she will be mastering the necessary life skill. Once she enters the world, the sudden change in environment and temperature will trigger her first breath!

If you choose to deliver your baby in the water, make sure the temperature of the water is the same as the body temperature. The more you delay the temperature change, the longer your baby will wait for her first baby, and as long as the umbilical cord is attached, she will keep receiving oxygen.

#5 – Smile

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As you are going through the horrible symptoms of pregnancy, nothing will make you feel better more than knowing your baby is actually smiling inside your tummy.

Once you become a mother, the exhaustion of changing diapers and losing much needed quality sleep will all be worth it when you see a flash of your baby’s gums that reassure you of what a great job you are doing!

Researchers have used 4D scans to see if the baby can actually smile when still in the womb, it turned out they do. Even though you are going through hard days, remember that your kid is inside your tummy supporting you with a beautiful smile.

#6 – Hiccups

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Many of us hate hiccups, and somehow, our babies have to go through it too when they are still inside your tummy, and there is a high possibility that you will feel it when it occurs.

The baby hiccups can start early in the 2nd trimester or late in the 1st trimester, you may not feel it but it still can be seen on an ultrasound. At first, you might not be able to tell whether it is the hiccups or if he is just kicking, but eventually, you will start to distinguish it and somehow enjoy it.

However, there is still no obvious reason why infants get the hiccups when in the womb, but the theory says that your baby is trying to regulate the amount of fluid in the amniotic sac.

#7 – Cry

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It is kind of heartbreaking, but there is a chance your baby is crying silently inside your tummy. After scientists used ultrasound technology, they learned how to identify crying behaviors when the baby is still developing. They even noted that babies have trembling bottom lip when still in the womb.

However, you should not feel bad about it because crying is a necessary communication tool for new babies. In fact, it is going to be their only tool to let you know about their needs and wants. Give your tummy a hug and reassure your little one that he is soon going to be held between your arms, his safest home!

#8 – Bonding

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If you are worried about finding ways to bond with your unborn child, don’t worry, your little one is already busy bonding with you as you go around living your life.

During the last ten weeks, your baby will be actively listening to your voice, they may not understand you, but they will carefully notice how you talk, laugh, and sing. This is why your baby will recognize you as soon they are born, isn’t this the most magical thing?

In general, we hope your pregnancy is as magical as all the superpowers your baby has in your womb. Hopefully, the pregnancy symptoms will get better and you will soon get to hold your little one between your safe arms and give it your warmest embrace.



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