Here Are The 10 Incredible Movies Only Cool Parents Watch

it is so sad when we think of the past; all the memorable moments we spent with our parents, all the tiny activities we performed together, all the places we visited as a family and most importantly all the movies that we enjoyed watching with our parents.

In the past, child development was based on parents getting engaged a lot with their kids, but now it seems that Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks are taking care of everything. These platforms are mostly sources of pain, putting kids in severely stressful situations instead of entertaining them.

But the secret of good parenting is about spending more time with the kids; a good way to do this is watching the best nostalgic movies together. You don’t have to go to the cinema; you can bring the latter to your house.

The film industry is rapidly improving, but overall, some movies have marked the history of film making, in Hollywood in particular. These are mostly movies that will make your kids say: ‘oh! I got such cool parents!’. Well, without further due, here are the 10 movies only cool parents watch.

#1 – The Flintstones, 1994

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It must be noted that raising children is quite defying, but if you try to think of things easily and take them seriously, you will be certainly ranked as the best parent ever. If you want to go for effective parenting strategies, avoid being an authoritative, bossy parent; be cool, understanding and funny.

Well, this leads to the key to having fun. Many parents would interpret this by taking kids to the zoo or the circus; well, dears, this is not the gist of the thing. We are merely talking about watching funny movies together. Pick the famous The Flintstones, 1994.

This comedy is totally hilarious with Hollywood rocking stars playing the roles of Wilma, Barney, Betty, and Fred. You can watch the complete film on Google Play, Vudu or Amazon Prime.

#2 – Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, 1989

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With the availability of free movies online, no one has to bother buying new kids movies on DVD to watch at home. All you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi service to enjoy the film-watching experience. But wait a minute! This might not be all needed!

You will have to pick the right kids movies to watch and have fun with your children. Well, here is one: the 1989-Honey, I Shrunk The Kids film. We bet that you remember Gulliver’s Travels movie when Lemuel Gulliver ends up as a giant in Lilliput’s tiny creatures’ land, well the concept of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is in a way similar.

It is a story of exploring the surrounding environment in a small size. Rick Moranis is the starring actor, so you know what that means, right?!

#3 – Clue, 1985

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Building meaningful relationships between parents and kids is a big deal. Only parents equipped with good bonding strategies succeed at this. You are at all cost your child’s idol, so make sure you don’t blow it. Try to be less authoritative and more flexible surprisingly and interestingly!

For instance, why don’t you watch something like the 1985-Clue together?! It is a mixture of comedy and mystery. The entire movie is inspired by the board game that holds the same appellation.

This is also a good exercise for the mind to analyze the film, try to unveil the mystery and enjoy watching the movie. The 1985-Clue is also one of the free movies you can find on Youtube.

#4 – The Brady Bunch Movie, 1995

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The 80s and 90s are regarded as the golden times of the Hollywood film industry. Throughout this period, many Oscar-winning movies and films were made. They still have their charm and undeniable presence. This applies to the 1995-The Brady Bunch Movie.

It is no wonder that this film is rocking the grounds of family movies. You will definitely enjoy watching the movie along with your children. To save their home, the starring kids join a contest of Search for the Stars.

If you want to contribute to the positive skill development of your kids and be a cool parent, give -The Brady Bunch Movie-watching experience a try!

#5 – Heavyweights, 1995

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Is it just us or are all the Disney productions just amazing? Disney has overseen over the past few decades the production of wonderful kids movies. One of the most known and entertaining Disney films is the 1995-Heavyweights film.

Being fat is not really fun; the same could be said about losing weight, especially when you are sent to a fat camp led by a tough and serious leader as Tony Perkins in Heavyweights.

If your kid’s psychology is down, watching Heavyweights is going to cheer him or her up. You don’t have to watch the film in the grand cinema, you could download it from YouTube for free. The movie will teach your kid how to be a confident person and fight whoever tries to make him or her do things s/he does not want to do.

#6 – Mrs. Doubtfire, 1993


Reading few parenting books and taking a look at some ways of kids’ teaching with love and logic are simply not enough to raise a healthy child and give the impression that you are a cool mummy or daddy. Admittedly, being a mother or father, which automatically implies having a baby, is challenging, but you have to deal with it anyway.

Kids get knowledge from school, but they like to have fun with their parents. We, therefore, recommend watching the famous Mrs. Doubtfire. Who does not know the late Hollywood star Robin Williams who was Mrs. Doubtfire in the movie?

He is a true legend. The movie is in a way about how divorce affects children, and how parents are ready to do whatever it takes to be with their kids again.

#7 – The Addams Family, 1991

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‘What do cool daddies and mummies do?’ Well, they basically do cool things like watching the 1991-The Addams Family movie. There is a whole TV series inspired by the cartoonist Charles Addams in 1964. The movie is both weird and unique. It is an exposition of black comedy based on a concept originally introduced in an old cartoon.

The outstanding difference of the movie is what makes it on the top list of the best, queer and unique family movies. It could be said to be among the best kids movies ever produced. It is a cocktail of supernatural fantasy and fiction in an unbelievably odd way. We believe that the actors, producer, and director did a great job; have not they?

#8 – The Big Green, 1995


Back to Disney productions! The 1995-The Big Green movie is another member of Disney films. The movie sheds the light on the devotion, love, and respect of a school teacher who has just moved from England to Texas.

She is the representing character of caring school instructors who like to help out their students with their educational and psychological problems. The film is, on the whole, an instructive comedy.

It shows how a teacher with creative insight counseling skill and an ability to improve the kids’ self-esteem really matter. This might sound like something you have come across in some positive attitude books.

#9 – The Ghostbusters, 1984


Abnormal and supernatural things have always a charming effect on our sense of curiosity by functioning as a stimulus of the latter. This is probably the idea that comes across your mind when watching the 1984-produced- Ghostbusters movie.

It is interesting to think of how normal people would have a shop offering the weirdest service ever which is ghost-hunting. The movie captures haunting happenings in a unique, exceptional way. The cast of the film is definitely a reunion of a group of outstandingly hilarious stars. Have a parent-kid film-watching-day by enjoying the Ghostbusters (1984) on Amazon Prime or YouTube.

#10 – Beetlejuice, 1988

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Some of the most successful producers and directors were inspired by the golden-times’ movies, that made them wonder about how to make a short film or a long one and stand out of the crowd.

Your kid could be a little-growing creative director who needs some support and inspiration. Speaking of which, classic movies are always an inspiration, even crazy movies like the Beetlejuice in 1988. The movie is a marriage of comedy and horror.

It is not that scary, but it should be not be watched by kids under the age of 10. The horrific nature of the film is a part of its comedy. You are going to have fun watching the movie on iTunes or YouTube.

So Have you decided to be a cool parent or not yet? Which of the above-mentioned movies have you picked to watch with your kid? If you have any further impressions or other impressive, classic movies in mind, share them with us in the comments below!



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