This Is How You Can Use Coconut Oil for Your Baby

From diaper rash to baby eczema, your baby is susceptible to many thing and it is your job treat it and make sure that it is not annoyed. Coconut oil can help you treat your baby from many conditions that might be causing it some annoyance.

For example, you can use coconut oil for eczema, as a dry lips treatment, as a cradle cap removal, a diaper rash treatment, to remove insect bites on babies, or you can use coconut oil for irritated skin. Whatever the case, coconut oil is a friend to your baby.

In this article, we have accumulated 10 coconut essential oil benefits for your baby. Read them carefully and go buy some coconut oil if you don’t have it with you in the house. Your baby needs some coconut oil love!!

#1 – Cradle Cap

Cradle cap on the forehead of your baby or anywhere in its head is very annoying, though harmless! Therefore, it is essential to learn how to remove cradle cap as soon as it starts to manifest itself on your baby’s scalp. Coconut oil can aid in this respect.

Apply a little amount to the area where these is cradle, massage it into the scalp, and leave for 20 minutes. After that, take a soft brush and remove the cradle easily from your baby’s scalp and rinse with water to finish the process.

#2 – Eczema

If you notice that your baby has dry and irritated skin, then those are signs of eczema. It is especially annoying for children; however, don’t worry because you can use coconut oil as an eczema treatment.

To use coconut oil for eczema, which helps hydrate the skin, do the following: before and after you bathe your baby, message its skin with coconut oil. You also need to use coconut oil for baby massage before bedtime. This is one of the great benefits of using coconut oil on skin!

#3 – Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is very annoying to those tiny poor souls. It is essential, therefore, that we treat any such rash as soon as it appears. Since diaper rash has made this list, then coconut oil can be used as a diaper rash treatment.

To use it on your baby effectively for this condition, you need to take some coconut oil and apply it to the area where the diaper goes. You need to do this every time you bathe your baby and change the diaper. Also, make sure that you massage the oil into the skin folds. There you have another of those coconut oil uses for skin!

#4 – Hair

“Is coconut oil good for the hair of babies?” Yes, it is! Coconut oil benefits for hair are similar for babies and adults alike. Coconut oil can be used as a hair smoothing treatment and function better than those chemical hair smoothing products!

Therefore, to smooth the hair of your baby using coconut oil, know that applying coconut oil to the hair should be after you wet the hair with water. It should, moreover, be done evenly.

#5 – Dry Lips

Dry lips in babies can be as annoying as a diaper rash. It occurs a lot with babies because their skin is sensitive and is affected all the time by changes in temperature.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of using coconut oil on the skin is the fact that it can be used as a dry lips treatment! For it to work, you need to dip a Q-tip in some coconut oil and apply it to the lips of your baby and around them. If you don’t have Q-tips, you can use your finger.

#6 – Insect Bites

Insects will not leave your baby alone. They can and will bite, especially that the baby won’t be able to fight them. When that happens, the sensitive skin of your baby soon swells and turns red, leaving you feeling sad for your baby.

To treat the areas of skin that have been bitten by insects, warm some coconut oil by rubbing it between your hands and apply it to them very gently. Make sure that you keep it on your baby’s skin until the next bath. It is yet another of the benefits of using coconut oil on skin!

#7 – Baby Wash

Baby wash that contains chemicals is not very good for the skin of your baby. It is imperative, therefore, that you look for a natural alternative with which you wash your baby’s body. The best baby wash you can lay hands on is the one that is made from coconut oil. To make a homemade baby wash from coconut oil, mix some castor oil with coconut oil, but make sure that you mix the same amount of both oils. That’s it! Now you can use it in the next baby bath. It is a great baby body wash!

#8 – Lice

Lice are a nuisance for adults and especially for babies. Therefore, you should guard your baby against them and rid it from them if they appear. To treat your baby from lice you can use coconut oil, which will give you great results.

First, rinse your baby’s hair with some apple cider. Second, wait until it dries out before you apply coconut oil to your baby’s hair. Finally, cover your baby’s head with a shower cap for better effect.

#9 – Baby Acne

Baby acne causes are numerous but the treatment can be as simple as using some coconut oil. It is, therefore, essential that you learn how to how to get rid of baby acne using coconut oil.

Warm some coconut oil between your palms and apply it to the spots where your baby has acne. Let it sit on top of your baby’s skin for a while before you rinse everything with water.

#10 – Chest Rub For Cold

Surely, your little baby will catch cold—many times, in fact. If your baby shows any signs of a cold, you will notice that its nose has become congested and is having some hard time breathing.

To ease these troubles, you can use coconut oil. Chose some essential oil of your choice and mix two tablespoons of it with some tablespoons of coconut oil. Warm the mix between the palms of your hands and rub it on the chest of your baby.

As you have seen, coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways with babies. If you’re a new parent, then make sure that keep enough coconut oil stored away in your house. You never know when your lovely baby will need it.
Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever used coconut oil to treat yourself or your baby.



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