This Is The Revealed Mystery of Birthmarks

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Last Updated on April 7, 2021

Have you ever read Burmese Days by George Orwell? If you have read this classic piece of writing, you would remember the character ‘Flory’ with the scar on his face. This scar was indeed a birthmark which he had no control over, but it ironically controlled his fate. So how much information do you have in mind about birthmarks? Are they marks of the demon as some superstitionists claim, or do they have medical explanations based on solid, scientific grounds? It is very difficult to introduce a firm answer. What is known in many communities around the world is that beauty does not go along with defecting birthmarks, especially when they are on the face. This means that whether you are to consider French beauty standards, Asian beauty standards or any others, facial birthmarks are not really tolerated. Birthmarks can be all over your body, including your face. Some people who choose to live with them would call them ‘birth defects’, but others take extreme ways and never stop questioning how to remove birthmarks, especially when they are on the face. So keep reading to know more about the revealed mystery about birthmarks!

#1 – No scientific causes of birthmarks are identified

Some would label them as skin issues, while others would call them genetic birth defects. Birthmarks have so far no solid, scientific grounds, explaining the causes. Ordinary people would think that they are some sort of bacterial skin infection that is not harmful but will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Some experts say that these skin marks can be divided into the vascular type of marks which result from abnormal blood flow, and the pigmented type of marks which result from pigment cells’ clusters. But this is a fact regarding the color of birthmarks, not the main causes. Plenty of theories about these skin marks were and still are introduced but nothing is 100% medically proven.

#2 – Superstitious thrown blame on mothers

Whether they are brown marks on skin or dark marks on the skin, some folks in certain cultures provided a superstitious explanation of the emergence of birthmarks.
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