6 Ways You Can Keep Your Children Happy And Healthy At Home!


Last Updated on December 7, 2020

Staying with kids inside the house is not always fun, and it’s definitely not easy! It can be difficult and challenging to find the inner strength to carry on each day, not only physically, but also mentally. However, we, as adults, understand and manage to see the time flying by going on social media, cooking and trying new recipes, binging shows on Netflix, playing games, cleaning, and so on. We know how to keep busy, but what about kids? They have no idea what’s happening! They’re trusting in everything we say and do whatever we give them to do, but for most parents that are working from home, putting the kid in front of the TV is much easier and allows them to work. Nobody will judge what your kid’s daily routine is, but we ask you to keep reminding yourself that kids are just kids, and as a parent, you need to take into consideration their mental health as well. We get it! It’s difficult. And that’s why we want to tell you about 6 original ways you can easily deal with your kids while at home. So if your kids are making you go crazy, keep reading!

1. Create A Schedule

We get it. It’s normal for our schedules to change when our lives take a drastic turn. But something you must always prioritize is a good night’s sleep for your kids and yourself! It’s a good idea to keep their schedules busy and active. Sure your kid doesn’t need to wake up as early, but he shouldn’t be waking up at 1 o’clock, neither falling asleep after midnight. Lack of sleep is not the only problem here, but sleeping too much and staying in bed all day is! Try to create a schedule for your kid, where you include fun activities and also work hours for them. By doing this, you’ll also know when would be the best time for you to have some needed alone time.

2. Vision Boards Are Key

What is a vision board? Think of this as a decent-sized board that’ s usually located in the living room or kitchen and where you write the family goals. The fun part is that everyone should participate in writing some goals for that week that the family must get done! Let’s say you do this as a family and you decide that the goal for that week is to paint your house, next week it’s to bake a cake, and the next you’ll have to complete a complicated puzzle. There are so many activities that you can do as a family to improve your parent-child relationship. And the best part is that your kids will be excited and looking forward to something every week, which is awesome! Besides activities, you can also write positive quotes for the family to think about the entire week, and the kids can also help you come up with new ones, they’ll enjoy it for sure!
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