This is how you know You Have a Jealous Kid!


Last Updated on November 25, 2020

Throughout their lives, children will develop various confused feelings and experience countless emotions that they will need to master, and one of them is jealousy. There are several causes of jealousy in kids, such as when a new child is born that causes the parents’ attention to be divided at home, or when friends have a new toy at school and children feel inferior because they have no equal. To find out if your child has a “Jealous” type of child behavior, there are 7 alarming signs that will give you that answer.

1. Feeling Ignored, Forgotten, And Mentally Insecure

One of the most common causes of jealousy in children is when your child starts to feel ignored and forgotten, which also makes him mentally insecure. And this happens very often when there are kids jealous of their siblings, when parents disperse attention to other priorities, and other family problems that affect the routine and well-being of children. Mental insecurity causes children to react in many different ways, and they are all very negative and need a lot of support, love, and attention from parents to be overcome.

2. Behave More Aggressively With Siblings or Friends

One of the most obvious signs that your child is of the “Jealous” type is when he starts to behave more aggressively with his brothers, friends, or other people around him. There are several careless behaviors that your child can manifest that go in that direction, such as when she starts kicking things, grumbling when you call attention to something, throwing things to the floor, etc. Please note that this passive-aggressive behavior is also considered “normal”, as it is part of any child’s growth. However, you should be aware of the fact that these are specific episodes and are remedied on the spot; or if they are recurring situations that are always happening, regardless of the moments that you have already called attention and tried to correct them.

3. Does He Get To The Point Of Anger Or Frustration?

When children’s behaviors are too aggressive, many of them even go so far as to have anger outbursts. They feel angry towards others, namely siblings, family members, or friends from school. But they can also feel a lot of frustration and go into depression because of that – and there is nothing sadder than seeing depression in children. Due to the aggressiveness of the children, there are many that turn into bullies (the bullies of the school playground) that torment the lives of other children. Yes, it is true, your child might be a bully. But there are also frustrated children who isolate themselves from friends and family as if they are crying in the corners. This situation contributes greatly to the loss of confidence and can lead to poor mental health.
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