This Is The Revealed Mystery of Birthmarks


Have you ever read Burmese Days by George Orwell? If you have read this classic piece of writing, you would remember the character ‘Flory’ with the scar on his face. This scar was indeed a birthmark which he had no control over, but it ironically controlled his fate. So how much information do you have in mind about birthmarks?

Are they marks of the demon as some superstitionists claim, or do they have medical explanations based on solid, scientific grounds? It is very difficult to introduce a firm answer. What is known in many communities around the world is that beauty does not go along with defecting birthmarks, especially when they are on the face.

This means that whether you are to consider French beauty standards, Asian beauty standards or any others, facial birthmarks are not really tolerated. Birthmarks can be all over your body, including your face.

Some people who choose to live with them would call them ‘birth defects’, but others take extreme ways and never stop questioning how to remove birthmarks, especially when they are on the face. So keep reading to know more about the revealed mystery about birthmarks!

#1 – No scientific causes of birthmarks are identified

Some would label them as skin issues, while others would call them genetic birth defects.

Birthmarks have so far no solid, scientific grounds, explaining the causes. Ordinary people would think that they are some sort of bacterial skin infection that is not harmful but will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Some experts say that these skin marks can be divided into the vascular type of marks which result from abnormal blood flow, and the pigmented type of marks which result from pigment cells’ clusters. But this is a fact regarding the color of birthmarks, not the main causes.

Plenty of theories about these skin marks were and still are introduced but nothing is 100% medically proven.

#2 – Superstitious thrown blame on mothers

Whether they are brown marks on skin or dark marks on the skin, some folks in certain cultures provided a superstitious explanation of the emergence of birthmarks.

They came up with their myths, that explain why birthmarks pop up as a matter associated with mothers. Some of them say that during the craving period- first stages of pregnancy-mothers can cause the formation of the birthmarks in case the craving is not fulfilled.

If they scratch their bodies in the process, the birthmarks would emerge in the form of the craved food. Other myths in China claim that a pregnant woman setting fire can have a birth-marked child. There are no medical research studies that prove these tales.

#3 – Some birthmarks can disappear

Birthmarks are considered by some people as some of the most common birth defects, while large shares of folks consider them as some sort of rare birth defects. Whether they are rare or common, this is not the gist of the discussion over birthmarks.

It is true that some of the latter sticks around for a lifetime, but some types can, in fact, fade away. The Mongolian spot is a kind of birthmark that disappears over time in the process of child growth. By the age of 5, such a birthmark, which is common in Native American, Indian, Asian, African and Polynesian communities, will be gone. Strawberry birthmarks disappear also over time.

#4 – Some birthmarks can be gotten rid of through a surgery


When some skin issues on the face become as persisting as birthmarks, many people decide to pay a fortune and put their lives in danger to get rid of such skin marks through surgeries.

Normal skin marks removals will certainly change nothing in the form or texture of birthmarks. That is why some individuals undergo plastic surgeries. They don’t think much about how dangerous is plastic surgery.

It must be noted that some people like to get rid of birthmarks without the consideration of the dangers of plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes. But other types of marks have medical reasons for which they should be surgically removed

#5 – Birthmarks are not harmful

There could be now a study of medical remedies to get rid of birthmarks going on behind the curtains, but nothing is revealed so far unless you want to go for the laser or surgery option.

What we know for sure is that birthmarks are mostly harmless. In some cases, some birthmarks can be diseases’ indicators though and should be checked up by an expert to avoid further repercussions.

Children born with birthmarks like the congenital nevus, port wine stains or others could have increased chances of developing diseases like skin cancer or have a certain syndrome such as the Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome.

#6 – Birthmarks may have hereditary and genetic grounds

Often, birthmarks are classified on the birth defects list. In spite of being doubtful about it, some doctors say that birthmarks are genetic birth defects. This is once again another mysterious piece of the birthmarks’ puzzle.

Some say that birthmarks are not hereditary at all; still, they can pop on the skin of many members of a given family. In ancient Greek culture, there is a myth about a man named Seleucus who had a birthmark on the thigh. His descendants had a similar birthmark, for Seleucus passed it to them.

Since medical studies have proven nothing yet about this, we cannot say for sure that birthmarks are hereditary and genetic.

#7 – Birthmarks can be superstitiously associated with evil

Have ever come across any tales about something called ‘witch marks on skin’ or read something about the attempts of certain people to burn marks on the skin?

Some mothers get too obsessed with how to prevent birth effects’ impact on their babies, but things are often out of their control, maybe, not exactly according to some superstitious beliefs.

Such beliefs stress that mothers who are involved in something evil have birth-marked children. In the 17th century in England, there was a common practice known as witch-hunting.

At the time, superstitious hunters would consider birthmarks as devil marks to identify witches and hunt them.

#8 – Interesting beliefs about birthmarks in ancient history

History is marked by some of the most superstitious tales about the puzzling mystery of birthmarks. These tales have folkloric grounds and are rooted in some cultures.

A long time ago, people used to think that a birthmark is a luck’s omen, and that once a mother licks her baby’s mark, the latter would vanish. Back in ancient history, ladies used to use pepper in rubbing their bodies to prevent the emergence of birthmarks on their children.

There was also a common belief which used to be bound by the shape of the birthmark. If the latter is in the shape of a dove or cross, it means that the child is blessed.

#9 – Birthmarks can be in the eyes

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You will be surprised to know that a birthmark can be in the eyes as well. This mark is referred to as the choroidal nevus.

It might not be literally considered as a birthmark, for it is rather a mole, freckle or spot in the eye. It is not very visible to ordinary people, but if they are exposed to medical eye exams, the choroidal nevus could be spotted by an expert.

Such spots don’t signify any serious health issues even if it sounds that having them is painful. However, if such a mole grows in size, it will likely pose an issue, disturbing the tissue that surrounds the eye. Things could develop into retinal detachment or blood leaks.

#10 – Birthmarks can be in the hair

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What is quite known is that birthmarks appear on the skin, but this does not mean they cannot pop up somewhere else like the hair. A birthmark in the hair could be something like a while lock.

This lack of hair pigmentation is referred to as Mallen Streak. The latter’s emergence is triggered by a condition known in the medical field as poliosis. The fact of having white hair locks is linked to the possibility of being passed from a family member to another as a distinguishing mark.

Several stories of people, holding the same marks confirm that Mallen Streak, which might not be seen as one of the common birth defects, is a mark that can run in families.

We would be delighted if you do find our article interesting. If you have read anything enthralling about the mystery of birthmarks, don’t hesitate to enlighten us in the comments’ section below!



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