6 Reasons You Must Never Shame Your Kids Publicly!


Last Updated on April 15, 2021

© pexels Regardless of their age, it is certain that all children make mistakes – even adults do – and that they need to be corrected with a good reprimand at the right time. This is part of their growth and natural learning process and will not make them traumatized or minor concerning anything or anyone. However, there are parenting styles with more or less appropriate ways to get a child’s attention and make him see that what he has just done is wrong – and one of the worst is to embarrass him in public. Why should you never shame your kids in public? That’s what we’re going to show you in the list of six main reasons why you must never shame your kids publicly. These are common mistakes that most parents make in their children’s education, negatively affecting their children’s lives. They are:

1. School Bullying Is Like Home Bullying – Bullying Is Always Bullying!

Most parents who are raising children are very concerned with bullying, especially when their children start attending school. But what is bullying, after all? Bullying corresponds to intentional and repeated acts of physical or psychological violence committed by one or more aggressors against a specific victim. And the truth is that no one wants their child to be the victim of bullying at school by more aggressive individuals who want to stand out or popularize themselves. But it is not only at school that the existence of bullying is verified. He is also present in catechesis classes, football club training, in the scouts’ group environment, and even at home if you don’t realize it. With the excuse of practicing good parenting, many parents end up demanding and being too strict in their children’s education and do not realize that they also end up being bullies with them. This is especially true when parents intimidate or embarrass their children in public, causing them to suffer greatly. Always bear in mind that school bullying is the same as bullying at home, so don’t be the aggressor you fear so much in your child’s life, but your best friend helps you overcome all difficulties.
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