7 Exercises You Need to Absolutely Avoid during Pregnancy!


Last Updated on December 10, 2020

© stocksnap Exercise and pregnancy is a tricky combination. While many doctors advise pregnant women to exercise every day for about half an hour, working out can be quite challenging with a tiny human growing inside you, especially when you also have to deal with all the unpleasant symptoms that come with pregnancy. According to Medical News Today, most women are relieved from the early pregnancy hardship once they enter the second trimester. At this point, exercise becomes easier, but then most clothes would stop fitting as the belly keeps getting bigger, making it hard to perform many moves. There are indeed many benefits of exercise during pregnancy, yet is it really healthy to maintain the same amount of physical activity throughout all trimesters? Experts explain that staying active during pregnancy can help enhance circulation, boost mood, decrease pain, and prepare the body for childbirth, yet, pregnant women should be extra wary of which exercises they can or cannot do to prevent compromising their health or that of their unborn baby. These are 7 of the riskiest pregnancy exercises you need to avoid at all costs.

7. Crunches Or Other Abs Workouts

Crunches and abs workouts, in general, are the worst exercises pregnant women can do. During the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy, doing crunches or similar exercises can feel physically possible since the belly isn’t big enough yet, however, this type of workout can terribly increase the difficulty of postpartum recovery. This means that working your abs while pregnant will make it harder for your body to bounce back faster after delivery. If you’re wondering why it’s because of the separation of abs muscles that can potentially occur as your belly gets bigger. Surprisingly, about 50% of women deal with this postpartum hardship, so it’s more common than you might think. So make sure to avoid all types of crunches, sit-ups, and any exercise that engages your six-packs. Instead, you may want to consider doing pelvic tilts after talking to your healthcare provider.

6. Hot yoga

Pregnant women can benefit from simple yoga stretches and movements, however, they may put their health at risk by practicing yoga in extreme temperatures. Health experts strongly advise against doing hot yoga or Bikram yoga during all stages of pregnancy. Although there isn’t enough research about the practice of hot yoga during pregnancy, expectant moms need to stay cautious and keep in mind that high heat levels may result in hyperthermia, which is linked to an increased risk of neural tube defects and probably of various fetus malformations. Moreover, too much sweating could lead to fetal stress due to the decreased blood volume and increased heart rate that are caused by fluid loss. Plus, pregnancy comes with hormone-related joint laxity, and exposure to extreme heat may cause injury due to stretching too far or surpassing physical limits. Just avoid hot yoga and don’t even try to think about enjoying some sauna as long as you’re pregnant.
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