Here Are 7 Things Your Kids Are Not Telling You!

No one can argue that mama and papa have a large amount of intuition about what their kids are up to! But this doesn’t mean that papa and mama know everything! There are many things that kids are not telling their parents. In fact, what parents need to understand is that at a certain point in life their kids grow up and are no longer children. They become teenagers and they start to undergo a physiological as well as hormonal awakening.

In other words, they begin to think for themselves. Hence, keeping them under control and balancing their needs for privacy while protecting them from making poor decisions that can ruin their lives such as using drugs and intimacy, can be quite hard!

Unfortunately, technology can make this even harder on parents, especially that teenagers now are more up to date with the use of smartphones and computers and they can easily hide information from their parents. Teenagers also use some apps to hide their online activity, which makes the situation even worse!

#1 – Stress

Raising teenagers is not an easy thing to do! They require a lot of time, patience, and effort.what’s even more challenging is that most of the time teenagers’ relationship with their parents is not always a good one and that’s very simply because at that particular period of their lives the teenagers refuse all types of orders and advice from their parents. They are fierce and desperate about learning more about the outside world, from which they were always protected. Hence, they start hiding things from their parents.

Stress is one of these things that teenagers prefer to keep secret. However, sometimes it can be easy to spot it on their faces and behavior even if they are not talking about it! What parents should be aware of is that stress doesn’t happen just like that. Stress is always a result of a problem that the teenager might be suffering from in silence.

To keep your kids close to you, parents should always be ready to give their kids empathy and support. They should also be ready to listen to them and to what they need to say no matter how stupid it is. And always keep in mind that giving your kid an ear and a hug is much more powerful and effective than advice.

#2 – Experimenting Drugs And Alcohol

Once kids become teenagers, their needs change. Also, the way with which they see the world and the people surrounding them. They become more interested in attending parties, socializing, and networking with other people. Let’s face it!

They should experience all that because this is how they are going to learn more about themselves and the outside world. However, most parents would put certain restrictions and even forbid their kids from opening up to the world and experiencing new things, which is a big mistake!

Instead, parents should tolerate that but in the condition that they communicate with their kids and help them understand that the consumption of drugs and alcohol can have fatal consequences on their present and future too!

Teenagers and parents can be good friends if parents knew how to communicate with them without making them feel that their opinions are useless and needs are forbidden!

#3 – Relationships

This can be a girlfriend, boyfriend, or simply friends that you don’t like or approve of! One of the biggest mistakes that most parents do is telling their kids who to date or not to date, who to befriend with or unfriend. It’s true that sometimes certain boy or girl may be bad for your son or daughter, but this doesn’t mean you have to select their friends for them.

Instead, be smart about it and let them figure out this by themselves. All you have to do as a parent is to teach your kids what to look for as they make their selection but never ever select for them. This would only make them stubborn and they will eventually end up doing what’s on their mind only.

#4 – Grade Problems

The majority of kids if not all of them hide their grades from their parents. The only reason why this is very common is that because kids were raised with the idea that failure is not accepted and that failure is shame and should be kept secret. If you are transmitting this message to your kids, then, you’d better stop. Otherwise, don’t blame them why they hide things from you!

Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility as a parent to teach your kids that failure is the first step towards success. And that what matters most is not falling but rather standing upright after! Make your home a safe place for them to fail, talk about your failures, and let your kids know about how you felt at that particular moment and how you were able to make it at the end.

#5 – Accessing Adult Content

The teen period is very challenging and kids at this particular period of their lives try not only to explore the outside world but themselves too. They become more interested to find out how their bodies work and how far their desires can take them.

This will eventually push them to visit adult websites or even worse be victims of ‘’ S**ting’’. Eventually, they might undergo pressure to send nude photos of themselves and other inappropriate content in order to keep pace with their peers.

To protect your kids, you should be open to conversations about these types of issues at an early age, say age 9.

#6 – The Way They Speak And Treat Others

It’s extremely important to talk to your kids about how they are supposed to speak with others and how to treat them. Also, make sure you explain to them how their words and actions can have a great impact on others and themselves.

It’s true that teenagers are egocentric, vulgar, sometimes, or even profane, but this doesn’t mean they cannot learn to be better teenagers who respect others and treat them as they wanted to be treated.

However, in the process of teaching them how to be a better teenager, don’t forget to be patient and give them time to learn and understand.

#7 – Inappropriate Online Activity

Your teenager might be subject to many other risks like online bullying. Also, there is another danger of accessing adult content and studies show that an alarming rise is taking place among girls and not only boys.

Accessing adult content has become a serious issue that parents shouldn’t ignore. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep track of what your kids are doing online.

Even better, you can contact your cable company and see if it’s possible to send you reports each month. This way, you will be able to know what your kids are up to and interfere when it’s needed.



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