6 Baby Names Your Child Will Make You Regret Choosing In a Few Years!


Last Updated on April 18, 2021

What a smart decision! Even your baby will facepalm!

#3 – Khaleesi

Hmm…we get it, you’re a die-hard Game of Thrones fan and you want to name your daughter after your favorite fictional character but chill!

Khaleesi actually turned out to be a sad name now that GoT ended the way it did, subverting everyone’s expectations and giving Khaleesi, the mother of dragons and breaker of chains, the (spoiler) ending everyone thought she deserved!

We extended our condolences to all the girls who were already named Khaleesi.

#4 – Siri

“Siri, read the news,” “Siri, play Silent Whisper,” “Siri, weather update!”

Yes, Siri is intelligent, but she is also sort of dumb, if you understand what we mean here! So, unless you want your daughter to grow up taking orders from people without question, you’ll name her Siri! That’s offensive but there are people who named or are planning to name their daughters “Siri!”

Don’t be like those parents, name your daughter “Alexa” instead. It’s a good name…

Oh, wait!

#5 – WXYZ

Ah…so we’re talking in code and wi-fi passwords now?!

Actually, that’s a very unique name that is inspired by the last four letters of the alphabet, similar to the name “ABCD” which is also quite creative and will help your kid memorize the first four letters of the alphabet from a very early age!

Are you serious?!

WXYZ and all the similar “cool” names you listed will make your kid suffer from childhood to the day they decide to apply for a name change!

Some parents really don’t think about how some names could put their kids at risk for bullying. Sad.

#6 – Facebook

So you don’t want to give your kid the name “Mark Zuckerberg” as his first name because you think it’s dumb but you still insist on naming him after Mark Zuckerberg’s creation?!

We all see what you want. You want your child, “Facebook” to download Facebook, log into Facebook, and chat with his Facebook friends.

You might as well name your newborn “Google Smart” or “YouTube”—he/she will have a promising future as a YouTuber!


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