6 Ways To Get Kids To Put Their Electronic Devices Down!


Last Updated on November 13, 2020

Parents know perfectly well the power that technology has over babies and toddlers. Sometimes the only way to stop their crying and calm them down is to put a smartphone in front of them and have them watch a video on YouTube with relaxing or entertaining music and vibrant colors. The parents can then finally unwind a bit. Raising a child can be extremely exhausting. Over time, this habit can cause children to develop some smartphone addiction. They will want to spend more time than supposed clinging to the cell phone screen and may even start ignoring other types of stimulating and fun activities. The impact of phone addiction in kids is still relatively unknown. Technology can help kids to develop their capabilities and make them more prepared to learn new skills. Still, they can have a tremendous negative effect on their sociability and mental health, for example. Like everything in life, balance is the most important thing. Here are six ways to get your kids off devices and limit their screen time.

1. Set the example

You are the main role model for your kids, and your behavior has a huge influence on them. Don’t you ever forget that! So, if you are always on your phone, you can’t ask your kids to act differently. Lead by example. Put the phone away during meals and don’t check your email while you’re playing with your kids or talking with them.

2. Make some strict rules

Rules are important not only for setting limits but also for creating habits. Kids should not use their phones at the dinner table, or while doing homework, or when watching a movie with the family. They also shouldn’t be playing online games the entire weekend. There is time for everything and it is important not to be distracted by futilities while studying or spending quality time with your family. Don’t be afraid that your children will judge this more authoritarian position of yours. After a while, they will understand the importance of these boundaries. And as we have already said, don’t forget that those rules also apply to you!
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