Here Are the 6 Super Cool Halloween Costumes For Siblings!

Do your kids rarely get along? Do you wish they were closer and stopped fighting over every little thing and having one of them accuse you of giving the bigger cookie to their sibling?!

Well, it looks like Halloween is here again and joy is in the air, and guess who is so excited to say “trick or treat”?! Take this chance to bring your children closer and have plenty of fun together by choosing some cool and adorable costumes that they can try this October 31 and create unforgettable memories.

We picked for you six sibling Haloween cosplay ideas, inspired by the costumes of some of the most memorable fictional characters including Disney princesses, characters from fairytales, movies, TV shows, and anime that your kids would love to try cosplay as!

#1 – Elsa & Anna

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The second part of the animated Disney movie Frozen is coming in November so a Halloween cosplay of the two sister princesses, Elsa and Anna, is still as trendy as ever if you’re looking for trendiness!

Spread some sister-love and dress up your daughters in Elsa’s glittering blue gown and Anna’s cute floral dress and pink turtleneck cape.

You can get Elsa’s costume from Amazon at a price that ranges between $11.99 and $22, and Anna’s costume at $12.99-$25.89.

And, you might as well get yourself and your family an ice castle while you’re at it!

#2 – Goku & Krillin

© Costume Works

Even after all these years, these anime cosplay costumes are still memorable and have proved, countless times, to look super adorable on baby siblings.

So dress up your older son in Goku’s orange jiu-jitsu gi, blue t-shirt, blue belt, and boots and watch him become a Super Saiyan!

If you have another son but younger, there are plenty of Dragon Ball Z male characters to choose from and dress up your baby as during the Halloween season! We suggest you dress up your little one as Dragon Ball Z’s exceptional martial artist, Krillin!

Krillin baby costume is available in Amazon at $15.99. Anything for your baby!

#3 – Hansel & Gretel

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Nothing beats a classic, and for a brother and sister cosplay, Hansel and Gretel always get the cake!

Gretel’s costume ($11.24 – $25 from Amazon) is made of a white top with short puffed sleeves, a brown vest, and a green skirt trimmed with pink and white ribbons.

Hansel’s costume features a brown floppy hat, the classic brown lederhosen, white shirt, and white stockings.

Dress up your kids as Hansel and Gretel and yourself as the witch to make the fairy tale come to life. Hm…some stories better stay fictional!

#4 – Super Mario brothers

© Flickr

What a great idea to encourage brotherly love!

These costumes are some of the simplest and most accessible ones for Halloween. You can even make them yourself at home!

Get the boys navy blue overalls, red and green shirts, red and green caps and they’ll look exactly like the iconic bros from the game that is actually not “just” a game but the childhood of all the 90s kids out there!

You can purchase Mario Bros costumes from Amazon at $37. So you’ve got to pay $74 in total? Not bad!

#5 – Jon Snow & Ghost

© The Daily Dot

Honestly, this is the kind of look that has the power to put a smile on everyone’s face! What’s more heartwarming than Jon Snow and his loyal dire wolf, Ghost’s reunion?

This Halloween, it looks like your family, friends, and neighbors will witness a remake of a memorable moment that makes the eyes tear up!

Jon Snow’s raven black furry cape and Ghost’s white fur will keep your kids warm and show the perfect yin and yang look!

#6 – Pugsley & Wednesday

© Thechirpingmoms

Halloween is known as the spooky season for a reason and who can match the spookiness and eeriness of the Addams family members. Ok, there are many other spookier fictional characters to choose from but Pugsley & Wednesday’s costumes are the most kids-friendly!

Get your daughter the look of the smartest, iconic daughter of the Addams’ with the long-sleeved, collared black dress and your son the look of the oldest Addams son with the black & white striped shirt, black shorts, and long black socks.

Black is the new orange in this Halloween season!

And voila! You now have some of the best ideas for Halloween cosplay costumes that will bring happiness to your kids and pay tribute to some of the most iconic characters!



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