Here Are the 6 Unexpectedly Germy Places Your Kids Go To Every Day!

No matter how good you think you are at protecting your kids from germs, there are some sneaky germ-filled places that kids are exposed to every day, including your own home.

We can all agree that parents, including yourself, almost become germophobes when it comes to their kids being exposed to dirt, which is reflected in how you try to keep the house and everything surrounding your kids squeaky clean and disinfected to prevent them from getting sick despite the fact that letting them be exposed to some germs can actually help with the development of their immune system, according to germ experts.

Regardless, what you should start considering is that the last places that you can expect to be germy are the ones that are the germiest!

Those spots may be anything from your kid’s toothbrush holder to the coatroom. Read on to find out the 6 unexpectedly germy places your kids touch daily!




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